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> The B Method: a Proven and Renowned Formal Technique
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Engineering, Development and Production Office

Fersil’s offering is developed by CLEARSY teams, who have added their skills in the following fields:
Electronic, electrical, mechanical, software, and more generally, system studies
> The development of electronic and software systems and components
> The preparation of safety files
> The production and integration of systems



B is a modeling technique applicable to system specifications. It can also be used to develop software; in association with proof mechanisms, this formal method is unique. It provides proven system specifications and programs proven to comply with functional requirements.

The B Method: a Proven Technique

The B Method: a Proven and Renowned Formal Technique

> The B Method was invented by Jean-Raymond ABRIAL in 1980. B language is based on mathematical concepts from the set theory; it includes proof mechanisms and can cover without interruption an entire development cycle up to the code for software elements. The B Book (by J.R. ABRIAL, published in 1996 by Cambridge University Press) is the reference publication on B.

> In designing the Meteor (Line 14 of the Paris subway system that fully operates via integral automaton without a driver), B and its industrial environment (Atelier B) were used. Since the first trials on safety systems in November 1997, no error has occurred in the services developed with B. CLEARSY has been marketing Atelier B since 1993.


The objective of operational safety is to maintain the proper operations of a system, product or one of its elements over time throughout a lifecycle at a minimal cost. Operational safety is assessed based on various factors: reliability, availability, safety, maintenance and logistics.