SIFER 2007 in Lille from 12th to 14th June

From June 12 to 14, on the occasion of the SIFER2007 Fair, CLEARSY presented its references in the field of safety systems, as well as its new offering:

Projects Presented

  • COPPILOT : SIL3 safety system to open and close landing doors that does not require onboard equipment.
  • DOF1 : SIL4 safety system to open and close landing doors by onboard/ground communication.
  • DPAS : SIL4 safety barrier for train passage detection.
  • DAAT : automatic train stoppage system including: FSI track antenna and FSE onboard block, compatible with the KPVA (autonomous punctual speed control – RATP trademark) and the RPS for the Parisian subway system
  • ATELIER B : B method specification tool and tool to create SIL4 safety software (Meteor, Val de Roissy …)

Services offered

Safety software, validation, operational safety, studies, formal modeling.